I was probably in my crib the day John F. Kennedy was shot, but I was definitely in my bed when I heard the shocking news about John Lennon.

Hello. My name is Dee Short.

I was born–and you can probably figure out when to within a few years–with an insatiable need to communicate by pairing words and images. When I was a kid I wrote cutesy poems and drew pictures of owls. I read the dictionary for fun. It drove my grandmother nuts.

Boy, have I changed.

Today, I use words and images to help people sell their products, services and ideas. It’s fun. But it’s also serious, because people place their trust and money in your hands, so you’d better listen and get it right.

Short and to the point.

I was advised by a relative to not use ‘short and to the point’ because it has a negative connotation. I appreciated the critique but decided to use it anyway, because I believe that in context it makes sense and is kind of clever. But what does it mean? It’s my ‘brand’ philosophy. I listen carefully, ask lots of questions and get to the point of the messaging. I don’t take lots of ‘creative’ roads to get to the finish line. I focus in on the criteria at hand. I work within parameters. That’s why I’m cost-effective, while communicating effectively.

By the way, I still write poetry…

If evil spirits bent your will, warm lips
would kiss your tears until
at last a sigh would ease your pain.
I’d shelter you from angry rain.

…but I’ve moved on from owls.

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